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Structural Mechanics Section


The Structural Mechanics Section of KU Leuven performs research in structural dynamics and building accoustics with a wide range of applications including vibrations and noise in buildings due to traffic and construction activities, vibration-based structural health monitoring, airborne and structure-borne sound transmission, vehicle-bridge interaction and wind-structure interaction. Other research topics include structural optimization, finite element model updating and dynamic force identification. 



Several courses are taught by em. prof. De Roeck, prof. Degrande, prof. Lombaert, prof. Reynders and prof. François.



The Structural Mechanics Section frequently applies its research expertise in projects involving challenging problems in structural mechanics and building accoustics.



The Structural Mechanics Section currently consists of 5 faculty members, a number of post-doctoral researchers and PhD students and has some additional vacancies.



The publications, covering the main research themes, are listed in this section: journals, conferences, books, MSc and PhD Theses.



Several MATLAB toolboxes were developed at the Structural Mechanics Section, including the ElastoDynamics Toolbox (EDT) and MACEC.