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Building Physics and Sustainable Design


Welcome to Building Physics and Sustainable Design, Leuven (Arenberg). Please visit our colleagues in Ghent via this link.


The research at the division of Building Physics and Sustainable Design generally aims at the performance analysis of buildings on different scales: materials, components and whole buildings in their environment. 

Research topics are: highly insulated building components, hygrothermal comfort and indoor air quality, sustainability analysis and life cycle assessments of building materials and building components, energy performance of buildings, sustainable constructions and urban physics. 

The research in acoustics focuses on the sound-structure interaction, the prediction and analysis  of the airborne and structure-borne sound insulation, analysis and prediction of building and room acoustics qualities, applications to interior noise perception and urban soundscape.


The academic staff is responsible for teaching a number of courses related to the field of building physics in the programmes of Bachelor and Master in Civil Engineering and Architecture.

All courses are listed in the KU Leuven education database (use eg. the professor's name or a topic as search term).


Building Physics and Sustainable Design section provides scientific services to third parties in the following fields: HAM-transfer, energy performance, urban physics and acoustics.