Building Materials and Building Technology

Welcome at the website of the Building Materials and Building Technology Division, in short MAT, which is part of the Civil Engineering Department of KU Leuven. Research at MAT focuses on building materials, structural components and structures, from the viewpoint of innovation, retrofitting and conservation.  




The research pages give an overview of the research activities of the Building Materials and Technology Division.



Several courses are taught by prof. Vandewalle, prof. Van Balen, prof. Cizer and prof. Verstrynge

Reyntjens Laboratory


The Reyntjens Laboratory has a wide range of test facilities to support academic research, consultancy and industry. 



Overview of the people active at the Building Materials and Building Technology Division.



Our research activities have led to major expertise on several fields on which consulting services are offered.



The publications, covering the main research themes, are listed in this section: journals, conferences, books,  MSc. and Ph.D. Theses.








Recent news from mat:

27 Nov. 2015 - Start of large experimental campaign on advanced cementitious composites at the Reyntjens Laboratory.

17 Nov. 2015 - Newly appointed assistant professor at MAT, Els Verstrynge, gives an inaugural lecture on "A multi-scale approach for assessing time-dependent mechanical damage in masonry constructions".

13 Nov. 2015 - the new research pages of MAT are online! Check out the MAT research pages to see which topics we are currently working on.

15 Oct. 2015 - MAT researchers and students attend the Belgium Concrete Day 2015 in Anderlecht (picture).



SAHC 2016

KU Leuven organizes the 10th edition of the International Conference on Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions.